Saturday, March 31, 2012

What We've Been Up To

I feel so cliche when I say this but...holy goodness being married awesome. And busy. And crazy. And an adjustment. But not as big of an adjustment as I thought. It's nice to have my best friend walk through that door every night when he's comes home from work. And it's sad how bored I get when he has to work late. I've become that wife that I used to laugh at. Oh well. :)

I haven't been taking many pictures with my camera iPhone has been serving as my camera. So tonight, as we were sitting on the couch recovering from our respective work weeks (working 40 hours a week is tiring yo) I decided to finally throw the pictures on the Mac and put them up here. Because I know you're all sitting on pins and needles waiting to see what we've been doing. ;) 

Charlie got a new bed. He instantly loved it. 

My wonderful amazing yellow kitchen aid. Thanks mom! :)

Charlie and Todd got a little closer. 

I swear to you this is how he sleeps most nights. And he SNORES away. He likes sleeping like this.

I decorated my office with wedding pictures. :)

We brought Todd into the 21st century and bought him an iPhone (and I finally got a Utah phone number)

We braved downtown for the opening of City Creek. Us and 80,000 of our closest friends. 

I discovered I married a GQ model. 

Explored City Creek.  
Found my FAVORITE store (and Todd's new LEAST favorite)

We've gone to the Temple once a week since we've been married. :) 

Todd had his mission reunion tonight! 
The last picture is from tonight. Every year right before General Conference in April, Todd's mission president hosts a reunion (like most mission presidents in the SLC area. It's kind of crazy how many go on the Friday before Conference around here). This year, they had a cookout at a Stake Center really close to our house, so we decided to go. As of last Wednesday, Todd has been home for SIX whole years! So it was fun to finally meet some of his companions and guys he served with for his mission. And it was great to meet his mission president and his wife. Every single person told me that 'I married a great guy'. I was even told that I married a legend! So, I felt pretty awesome. ;) 

Tomorrow is the first day of General Conference and I am SO excited. It's probably one of my favorite weekends of the entire year. I'm planing on making a biiiiiig breakfast both days, we'll watch in our pj's and listen to a prophet of God teach us. I mean, what can be better than that? 

:) Have a great weekend everyone! 

Saturday, March 17, 2012

We Moved! *kinda*

We didn't really move...I just changed URL's. We're now! yay! Here's the new bloglovin link! 

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Long Time No Post!

Oh. Hey. 

It's been a while, hasn't it? 

I swear, I've got a good excuse though! I've been busy...with important starting a new job, having family in town, and oh yeah, getting married!! 

We haven't gotten our photographer's pictures back yet, so here are a few that my mom (and sister) took! I'm still editing the pictures from our little getaway to Park City, so those will be up soon.

Since we've been back, our lives are in total chaos. There are boxes and clothes and pictures and things EVERYWHERE. Also, I'm discovering my huge kitchen isn't as huge as I thought. I'd really like to fly my sister's boyfriend back out to finish organizing my kitchen for me. (yeah, he totally organized our kitchen last Friday! He just did it...I swear I didn't ask him or anything.) 

Tonight I used our brand-spankin-new Kitchen-Aid mixer to make soft pretzels. I was a little terrified because my baking adventures usually turn into baking disasters. But, I'm happy to report that they turned out WONDERFUL! And so did my BBQ pulled pork sandwiches in our new Crock pot. I felt like such a good wife having dinner all ready for when Todd came home from work tonight!